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Moonbeams’ Crystal Healing Diploma Courses

Inspirational courses of awakening and  advancement.

Please contact Barbara for full details.

Moonbeams Therapies

Courses and Workshops at Moonbeams

Why not enjoy a wonderful treatment at Moonbeams or come along and discover something new at one of the fabulous workshops held at Moonbeams. (1:1 workshops – £60). Please contact Barbara for more details.

Crystal Healing Diploma Courses – ‘Crystal Elementals’

Evaluated and registered as an approved course with The Complementary Medical Association (CMA). Giving you the ability to explore the benefits of Crystal Healing and/or become a qualified Crystal Healing Practitioner and/or achieve a fully certificated Diploma in Crystal Healing.

“An inspirational course of Awakening and Advancement.”
(More details on the Moonbeams’ Website ‘News Page’)

Barbara is CMA Registered

Angelic Vibrations – connecting with the Angelic RealmPlease contact Barbara to discuss dates£55.00
The Law of Attraction - manifesting your heart’s desire Please contact Barbara to discuss dates£55.00
Chakra Balancing – harmony through our chakra Please contact Barbara to discuss dates.£55.00
Numerology - how numbers influence our lives Please contact Barbara to discuss dates. £55.00

Meditation at Moonbeams

(An evening of Meditation for everyone – the curious and those familiar with meditation, alike)
Please contact Barbara to discuss dates7pm - 9:15pm£12.00

Reiki Courses at Moonbeams

These two-day courses are also offered on a one to one basis. You will receive on-going support by way of regular (free of charge) follow-up sessions.

Reiki Level 1SHODEN £210.00Please contact Barbara to discuss dates
Reiki Level 2OKUDEN £260.00Please contact Barbara to discuss dates
Reiki Level 3 SHINPIDEN£310.00Please contact Barbara to discuss dates

Did you know that Moonbeams offers 1:1 Support Sessions for those undertaking on-line study, providing face-to-face coaching and practical support.  These sessions are bespoke and available at Moonbeams to support various courses including Crystal Therapy.  (1:1 £50 per person & 1:2 £40 per person. Please contact Barbara for details.)

Coming soon at Moonbeams: “Understanding Consciousness”.

What else is on offer at Moonbeams?

Complete Relaxation                                                                                        (Per person) £40.00

A small group provides an ideal opportunity to enjoy a day of complete and utter relaxation. Get to know the techniques that reduce the effects of demanding and stressful lifestyles

Personalised Events at Moonbeams                                                               (Per person) £40.00pp

Why not gather a few friends and enjoy a very special and indulgent time together at Moonbeams?

Tell me the kind of things you and your friends would like to experience at Moonbeams and I will design an event just for you.  Make it an occasion to energise and revitalize; relax and recover, or indulge in a taste of everything. Have a browse on the Moonbeams’ Website to help you choose.

For dates and further information on any of the workshops or courses listed, please contact Barbara.