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Therapies, Coaching & Meditation

Moonbeams offers a variety of holistic therapies and meditation techniques, all of which will help to restore harmony and balance to body, mind and spirit. Looking after both our emotional and physical health, is essential in order to maintain and improve our well-being. In addition, Holistic Coaching sessions are now being offered at Moonbeams, which provide the opportunity to peel back the layers (like an onion) of emotion that hold us back.

At certain times during our lives our energies can be depleted and imbalance can occur. This may stem from illness, grief, fatigue, stress and other emotional and physical difficulties, causing our lives to become unsettled.  This can have a profound effect on our confidence, self-esteem, emotional health and ultimately our physical well-being.  Having an awareness of the origin of our dis-ease * can be the key to moving forward to redress negative situations.

Moonbeams will offer you the opportunity to ‘switch off’ and enjoy the feeling of complete relaxation in a calm, peaceful and supportive environment.  Each session will develop your awareness and new ways to enhance your well-being will be discovered.

Soft music and some essential oils (optional) will be used to enhance your experience at Moonbeams and because each therapy session is tailored to meet individual needs and requirements, the length of treatments can vary.

Moonbeams will give you the opportunity to learn and ‘take home’ the techniques that will make you feel like you’re swinging on a star every day!

Please feel free to look through our different treatment options below.

*dis-ease can result from blocked feelings and emotions and/or physical imbalance.


Holistic Therapies & Coaching at Moonbeams

These sessions are all about you and your quest for fulfillment of your life’s purpose. Have you ever asked ……. or would you like to discover any, or all of the following?

  • WHO? (Who am I……really?)
  • WHY? (Why am I here?)
  • WHERE? (Where am I heading?)
  • WHAT? (What is my purpose? What is it that I most desire?)

Holistic Coaching offers you the opportunity to explore body, mind and spirit in order to answer these questions by expanding your awareness and tuning in to your thoughts and emotions and understand how these influence your actions. Holistic Coaching at Moonbeams will also help you to develop methods and techniques to achieve your goals and to embrace all aspects of your spiritual journey to become the radiant person you are truly meant to be.

Initial consultation and planning: £70.00
Subsequent Appointments: £60.00

A variety of crystals are used throughout the therapy session, placed gently on and around the body to allow their healing properties (which have been recognized, since ancient times) to connect with your energies, in order to restore balance and harmony to body, mind and spirit. After the therapy session, the beautiful crystals, used during your treatment, will be explored and the healing energies of particular crystals will be explained.

Initial consultation and Treatment: £50.00
Subsequent Appointments: £45.00

The Japanese word ‘Reiki’ means Spiritual (rei) Energy (ki). Reiki supports natural healing by stimulating the recipient’s own natural healing ability. Reiki promotes balance, and well-being is enhanced for body, mind and spirit.

Reiki can take place either seated or lying down. Hands are placed either on or over the body (you can choose) in a sequence of positions.

For Reiki Training Courses please see ‘Workshops and Courses’ page.

Initial consultation and Treatment: £50.00
Subsequent Appointments: £45.00

The importance of colour in our lives, and the contribution that it makes to our well-being, is usually very much under-estimated. You will discover new ways of using colour as Moonbeams offers the opportunity to explore your use of colour and delve into the colours you wear; the colours in your home; in your workplace; your favourite colour(s); the colour(s) you would rather avoid – and much more, including the healing colour of crystals too.

Initial consultation and Treatment: £50.00
Subsequent Appointments: £45.00

Numerology can be used to discover your individual number, which will reveal details of your character and life-path. This will enlighten you about areas in your life which may require renewed awareness or benefit from change.

Initial consultation and Treatment: £50.00
Subsequent Appointments: £45.00

It is quite understandable, living and working the way we do, that most people find it difficult to relax. The reasons are many, from not having the time, feeling guilty to take time for yourself, or feeling tense.

Moonbeams offers the perfect environment, providing a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, where you can ‘allow’ yourself some time to unwind. The various relaxation techniques can be explored to find the right way ahead for you and in time you will be able to use your favourites in your own home environment.

Initial consultation and Treatment: £50.00
Subsequent Appointments: £45.00

Angelic Massage is a wonderful and deeply relaxing experience, releasing tension and energy blockages. It is beneficial on many levels, particularly lifting that ‘invisible weight’ off the shoulders of those who have been experiencing pressure etc. It is a seated massage where the person receiving the massage remains fully clothed.

Initial consultation and Treatment: £50.00
Subsequent Appointments: £45.00