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In compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (In line with the 2018 Data Protection Legislation (with effect from 25th May 2018). Moonbeams HOLISTIC WELLBEING (Moonbeams) takes privacy very seriously. This notice explains how the information you provide to us is treated; how it is stored; how long it is kept and who has access to it.

Moonbeams will collect the following information for Clients (Individuals who have treatments at Moonbeams) and Students (individuals who attend Training Courses and Workshops at Moonbeams).

General Information
Date of birth
Telephone numbers
Email addresses
Next of Kin/emergency telephone numbers
Medical history (past and present)
Personal Data Collected (students only)
Physical impairment(s)
Current Occupation
Other studies being undertaken
Reason for Collecting
For purposes of general communication
As an identifier, should there be duplication of client names
May have impact on health condition(s)
For purposes of communication by post
For purposes of appointment arrangements
For purposes of appointment arrangements
In case of emergency
To assess client’s needs and to ensure comfort and safety
Signature required to proceed via declaration/disclaimer

To ensure alternative methods of working are in place
May be relevant to course
May be relevant to course
May have significant impact on studies


Personal Data Collected – Clients and Students
The following information is collected (and the reason for doing so is shown):

How Personal Data is Collected – Clients and Students
Each client or student provides their personal information to Moonbeams.

  • The client (for adult client)
  • Parent/guardian (for child)
  • Parent/guardian and young person – if appropriate (for young person)
  • Student

How Personal Data is Stored – Clients and Students?

All details recorded in handwritten format are kept in separate client/student folders. All client/student folders are kept safely in a locked metal filing cabinet. Any personal data stored electronically will be password protected (where possible).

How long Personal Data is Kept?

Personal information will not be kept longer than necessary; however, it will be kept in line with the recommendations of Moonbeams’ insurer, which is a minimum of 7 years and up to 10 years, at which point the personal data will be cross-shredded, to ensure that information is not kept for any longer than is necessary.

Who has access to Personal Data?

Barbara Wingrove (Sole Trader – Moonbeams HOLISTIC WELLBEING and Data Protection Lead) has singular access to data at Moonbeams. Information is not shared with any other person or organization unless required by law to do so for reasons of safeguarding or other legal reason.

Sharing of Personal Data
Personal Data will not be shared with a third party.

Photographs and Testimonials
Photographs taken at Moonbeams and testimonials provided by the client/student may be used on Moonbeams’ website with client/student consent and with discretion.

Access to your own Personal Information
Clients and students may request a copy of their personal information in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) 2000.

All requests to access personal data should be addressed to Barbara Wingrove at the address below.

Compliance with the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000

All information recorded, will be made available for the client/student in question to view in line with FOI Act 2000 providing the request is in writing (in line with FOI Act 2000) a response will be provided before the 20th working day from when it was received (Reference:

Consent to collect, use and store Information

On signing the Moonbeams Declaration and Disclaimer, which includes agreeing to Moonbeams’ Privacy Policy, clients and students will be giving Moonbeams’ their consent to collect and store their personal data, in the manner laid out in this Privacy Policy.

Withdrawing Consent

You have a right to withdraw your consent to Moonbeams further collecting and holding your personal data. Existing data will be kept in line with my insurer’s recommendations, which is for a minimum of 7 years and in accordance to The Statute of Limitation in the UK.  All data will be stored securely as described in this policy as above.
All requests to withdraw consent should be addressed to Barbara Wingrove at the address below.

Barbara Wingrove – Sole Trader and Lead Data Protection Officer


1 Station Road



NN10 9SR