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'Crystal Elementals' at Moonbeams

A Crystal Healing Diploma Course comprising of Three Elements

This learning experience offers a robust Diploma Level course syllabus, which unites with additional, relevant and interesting topics to deepen the students’ understanding of the essence of Crystal Healing and enhance the enjoyment of their studies.

“The Joy of Sharing” and offering a wonderful environment for everyone, is my philosophy and approach to teaching.  I believe that recognizing that teachers also learn from their students, establishes a fabulous rapport and open atmosphere conducive to advancement thus providing a great overall experience.

The Moonbeams’ Crystal Healing Diploma Course has now established itself as “Inspirational” and a course of “awakening and advancement”.

These are the 3 Elements:-

Element One – Gaia’s Gifts

Requirement for enrolment – A curiosity for our Crystal Kingdom

The first Element offers a foundation and overall understanding of crystals and how we can work with them on a personal level.

Element Two – The Practical Practitioner

Requirement for enrolment – Element One to have been completed at Moonbeams

The second Element follows on from the first to enable students to further study the crystal kingdom and move forward to be able to practice Crystal Healing.

Element Three –  Elemental Journey

Requirement for enrolment – Elements One and Two to have been completed at Moonbeams

The third Element follows on from the first and second and involves deeper work to enhance all aspects of your studies and practice of Crystal Healing as well as further self-development.  

If Crystal Healing is something you have always been interested in, then please contact me at

Students have enjoyed their Study Days and the Moonbeams’ environment of learning and laughter and here is some feedback from a variety of students:

The course is so well thought out and has really given me a great start to learning about crystal healing, as well as the opportunity for self-development and enhancement. I really recommend the course to anyone who is considering learning Crystal Healing. Barbara is an excellent teacher with patience and a wealth of knowledge.

Barbs is an inspiration. She enthusiastically supports us with our learning. Her extensive knowledge of crystal healing and related subjects has provided her with the tools to be an amazing teacher. I look forward to our lessons with her.

I have loved every minute of it.  Barbara is an excellent teacher and her love and knowledge of crystals, and their wonderful properties, shine through. She is tremendously supportive and is always happy to go over anything you are unsure of again.
I would highly recommend Barbara and the course curriculum to gain a deep understanding of crystal healing.

I have wanted to learn about crystal healing for a while but I never found quite the right course. The Moonbeams’ Course gives you the right amount of information and in an easy to understand format. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn, as Barbara is a fantastic teacher who’s always there when you need her.

I have really enjoyed the Crystal Healing course so far. I am amazed how powerful crystals can be and I have learnt so much, not just about crystals but lots of other interconnected things which is a wonderful added bonus. Barbara Wingrove is an excellent teacher and wonderful person with whom it is a pleasure to learn.

Moonbeams is now looking forward to welcoming the fourth entry of students in October 2017. There are spaces still available, so please contact me at if this is something you have always been interested in. I am certain that you will love the experience. I am certainly enjoying sharing this wonderful subject with everyone.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Love and smiles from Barbara xxx

Receiving my Crystal Healing Diploma Certificate in January 2008 was a very exciting experience and was a major step towards realizing my dream of being a Crystal Healing Practitioner and Holistic Therapist.

At that time, I had no idea that this achievement would lead me so much further along my path to becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher and a teacher of many other subjects in areas of self-development and healing.Barbara

Teaching and sharing with others is such a joy to me that I decided to develop an exciting Crystal Healing Diploma Course to share with you all.

If you have ever pondered or maybe contemplated deeply whether healing with crystals is something that interests you and makes you feel good – something you would love to explore – please contact me via email, text or phone to find out more and/or have a chat. I shall really look forward to hearing from you.

With love from Barbara x