Holistic well-being

Moonbeams’ ‘Crystal Elementals’

A Crystal Healing Diploma Course comprising of Three Elements

Registered with the Complementary Medical Association – (CMA) this new course will begin October 2017. Please click on our News Page for more information and email Barbara at:- for full details

‘ONE HOUR’ (Restorative Relaxation and Reiki)

Please see Therapies and Coaching page for more details.

1:1 Bespoke Workshops at Moonbeams

Supporting students undertaking online (or conventional) studies within the parameters of complementary therapies and related subjects.

Giving opportunities to all who would like to explore their topics of interest.

Please see Workshops and Courses for more details.

  • Moonbeams offers a wonderful environment for relaxation and healing and all who come along for a treatment, coaching session or workshop, feel the stresses and strains fall from their shoulders as soon as they walk through the door. The time you spend at Moonbeams is all for you.

Barbara, MoonbeamsI work holistically, with body, mind and spirit, and I am so aware of the need to help others in their seeking ‘what it is’ in their lives that is missing. I feel that it is essential (our essence of being) to understand what it really is that our hearts’ desire and to discover and fulfill our life’s purpose. In order to facilitate this in a positive way I now offer Holistic Coaching Sessions at Moonbeams. (See Therapies and Coaching for more details)

As a Reiki Master/Teacher of Usui Reiki Ryoho and teaching Reiki (at all levels) is a very joyful experience. I am very proud of Moonbeams’ Reiki Students, so many of whom have been empowered to make significant changes in their lives and several have set up their own businesses and experiencing a more fulfilled life – thanks to Reiki. (Please see Workshops and Courses for more details)

Moonbeams’ Wellbeing Programmes encourage and empower others to discover, learn and use skills and techniques to increase confidence levels and to improve and maintain emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing and enjoy their wonderful life. Please contact Barbara for more details.

Everything at Moonbeams is delivered with love, and motivates and uplifts. I believe that the more love and positivity we can harness, touches those around us. The benefits are immense.

With love – Barbara x

Member of UKRF –  UK Reiki Federation

Registered with UKRLP – UK Register of Learning Providers


Registered ACHO Practitioner

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Member of The UKRF

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Member of The CMA

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CNHC Accredited Register

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“Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued” -Socrates

Complementary therapies do not take the place of conventional medicine and a doctor should always be consulted for acute, infectious or urgent conditions.